Ancient city of Palairos

The ancient city of Kekropoula, part of Palairos municipality has been ruled by the King Kekhropa. You could see ancient monuments, serve as a reminder as well as other ancient ruins of Kekropias, like the castle of Kekropoula.


Visit of the ruins of the old village of Peratia, one of the oldest village in the area. It has been destroyed during an earthquake in 1953. Nevertheless, we can still observe the architecture from the 18th century. You will step back in time, seeing the demolished houses which from this sad day, remind intact.

Agios Dimitrios

The Monastery of St. Dimitrios was built in the 16th century and is located in the mountain of Palairos. It offers an amazing point of view of the Ionian sea. The people of Palairos consider the Monastery as the protector of Palairos and its people.
Facts: the little church in the Monastery was almost destroyed by fire and the ceiling is a testimony of this event. Just behind the church, there is a huge rock; the legend says that the rock fell from the mountain top and it was only a miracle that the church was not demolished. It is said that Saint Dimitrios stopped the boulder from destroying the church.

Vathiavali Beach

One of the most well-known and beautiful beaches in the area. Located 10 kilometers from Palairos and right after Porto Varko. There, you can choose between laying on a sunbed of the beach bar, or directly on the sand by your own. Be careful, the beach is not easy to find: you will have to turn of the left (leave the main road) and take the dirty road for some meters just before arrival.

Mytikas Beaches and village

Enchanting beaches at the cape of the Municipality. Many beaches, big and small, sandy and rocky. Mytikas is also a typical village where you can find many traditional tavernas.


An authentic sea side town where you can find many local tavernas with very tasty food, nice bars, lovely shopping streets, and a marina. There, you will be surrounded by a very authentic atmosphere, observing many fisherman, especially at night.


The town has a huge dynamic every Monday because of the local market «Laiki», where all the local producers come to sell their goods. There, you can find a big range of seasonal products: fruits, vegetables, plants, honey etc at very low prices. Moreover, the seafront offers on the left side, many bars where you can enjoy a good Fredo espresso, and on the right side, a long beach with many tavernas.


One of the most beautiful sea side town in the area, located at 90km from Palairos.

It’s easy to feel like on an island, with the colorful houses built on the slopes of a mountain, the white steps to get to the top, the breathtaking view of the sea, and the wonderful natural landscape. On the top of the hill, sit the ruined walls of a Venetian castle, a vestige of the Venetian rule. From there, the point of view is amazing.

Acheron River

This river has a strong history in the ancient Greek mythology which gives a very special feeling when you arrive there. It is surrounded by an amazing natural scene composed with very high rocks and trees. For sure, the movie Avatar could have been shooted there ! Its turquoise water is so unique and very refreshing (12°C-14°C). Walking and swimming in the river is an unforgettable and exciting expérience.

Things to take with you: water shoes (you can also buy them there, around12€), swimsuit, water, waterproof bag (recommended).

Localization: 25km from Parga / 78km from Palairos