Sites to walk

1. Agios Dimitrios

Reach the Monastery of St. Dimitrios, built in the 16th century, by a lovely walk alongside the Mountain, in the countryside of Paleros. You will pass by some local wineries, will enjoy the serenity all around and the view overlooking the sea.
From the Monastery, you will get an amazing point of view of the Ionian sea.

2. Kekropoula

Have a walk to the ancient city of Kekropoula, part of Palairos municipality and where King Kekhropa once ruled. You could see ancient monuments, serve as a reminder as well as other ancient ruins of Kekropias, like the castle of Kekropoula.

On each walk bring a sun hat, water and sun cream and long trousers are recommended. If you prefer to have a picnic walking please take lunch basket with you.

Scuba Diving

Exploring the seabed and discovering the enchanting world under the transparent water of the Ionian sea is just magic!
Contact: Paleros Travel in partnership with Submerged Scuba


The area of Paleros offers different bicycling possibilities, depending on your level.
Enjoy an early morning ride, from the harbour of Paleros, alongside the bay until
Potamaki’s and Molo’s beach or let’s exploring the countryside, passing by local lands and wineries like GeroKostopoulos’ Vineyards. Or just go on a ride in the local olive oil mile of Tsakalis.

Where to rent : Paleros Travel

Boat Excursion

A trip on the calm Palairos waters, offers you the possibility to sail around the beautiful Ionian Islands, to anchor in naturally protected bays of rare beauty, to visit inaccessible beaches and to swim in exceptionally clear and transparent waters.

The Ionian coasts are characterized by a unique diversity : beaches stretching over many kilometers, small bays and coves, sand and pebbly beaches, coastal caves surrounded by steep rocks, transparent waters that have made them famous and popular all over the world.

You can choose to rent a sailing boat or a speed boat at your convenience at the harbor of Palairos.

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